My ambition is to bring to collectors an art object born from the combination of a unique know-how, a timeless history and a tangible emotion




75007 PARIS

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Aurélien Gendras is from a family of potters rooted in Puisaye since the late eighteenth century. It is through the work of Jean Carriès that he discovers ceramic sculpture.


Also animated by the World of Old Toys, he joined François Theimer, international expert in Dolls, Toys and Automates Collections for nearly five years during his international sales of Prestige at the Hotel Ambassador, Paris 9th.

Graduate of the Institute of Higher Editions of the Arts of Paris, IESA - Paris 2nd, it is during the four years spent alongside Arnaud Plaisance (Expert for the svv Aguttes of Neuilly - sur - Seine and furniture gallery owner. and Italian glassware of the twentieth century, Galerie Plaisance, Paris 6 e) that he is learning. He discovers the creators-designers of the Art Deco period and the 40s such as Jean-Michel Frank, Ruhlman, Süe and Mare, André Arbus and the Italian glassware from the 40s to the 70s including Ercole Barovier, Napoleon Martinuzzi.

His meeting and collaboration with Galerie Silbereis, Paris 7th, for three years, allow him to fully express his vision and taste for ceramics, by presenting works from both Decorative Arts and Contemporary Art. . He participates with Jean-Luc Silbereis at the Pavilion of Arts and Design in Paris and London (2013) or at Design Days Dubai (2015), presenting contemporary works.


Today fully involved in contemporary ceramics, and specialized in sandstone practices in the twentieth century, Aurélien Gendras creates with Renaud Régnier a structure specializing in modern and contemporary ceramics. With the aim of presenting ceramic works of their taste, but also to articulate them to the history of art by organizing exhibitions "events" and devoting a part of their activities to the realization of editions.