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The earth always brings me back to drawing as drawing always brings me back to earth. Unless I try to draw in space with the earth.

Obsession of the line, the fold, the volume, the cut surface in full, in vacuum, of the fault.
Constant reference to architecture, architectures. That of buildings, a garment, an industrial object, the body of a dancer in motion or that of the plans of a landscape, a musical motif.
My repertoire of forms draws on a memory of places, signs, fragments, impressions.


Through my sculptures, I lead a quest for motion in motionless. I try to register the earth in a deployment, a tectonic dimension, a rhythmic.
When some of my murals swell with the breath of a breath, others proceed by dissemination.


My approach questions the relationship that the work has with the interior space that it contains - this place where the void can act - as with the one where it fits and evolves under the strolling of the gaze. At the same time extension of an architecture, a place and imprint / presence hollow in a space.


With each new research, I try to establish a dialogue between form and light, form and color. Nimber lines and volumes of an atmospheric flow, an impalpable passage to cause a vibration.
Light is essential, a material in itself, as important as the earth, for me, in the affirmation of a plastic presence ".

Works by this designer

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