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The shapes that emerge from a custom oven remain inspired by the natural world, seeds, shells, waves, coiled fibers: a powerful and subtle world that combines archaism and spirituality.

Everything is connected. Water, earth, fire, air and the firmament.

Sometimes these natural elements come together. This can lead to fireworks, but also to creativity and beauty.

Take for example the modeling of clay that dates from the dawn of time. Especially if we believe the many founding myths from around the world. A demiurge or deity models in the mud a character to whom he has breathed life. A little later, this stubborn creature also steals fire. The taming of the fire marks the true anthropogenesis.

The theory of evolution confirms this vision. "Besides the language and the handling of tools, the discovery of fire is probably the greatest discovery ever made by man," writes Charles Darwin (1803-1882). Fire allows you to protect yourself, to produce heat and light, to prepare food, to make pottery, to make weapons, to subject nature and its kind, to explore the world and ... even to destroy.


Fire control therefore requires a lot of self-control.

The big bang is in us. This same energy of fire, we have in common with the least particle of the most distant galaxy. Do these particles also carry the aptitude for intelligence and happiness?

In the hands of Maarten Stuer (Yokohama, 1965), clay no longer seems compact, heavy or inert. Through its imposing ceramic sculptures, it gives this earthly material par excellence almost a cosmic dimension. As for his abstract formal language, he draws his inspiration from simple, organic elements or natural structures.

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